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Secretary to the Leader Sue Mann
+44 (0) 116 268 5135

My job is essentially about communications. I receive, process and transmit information to and from Circuit members, and I provide secretarial and administrative support as required by the Leader.”Sue Mann


Sue Mann is an essential part of the Circuit operation.

She maintains and updates a database of all Circuit members, including a separate list of Judges serving and retired.

She sends out fliers and booking forms to Circuit announcing dates etc. of dinners, Grand Nights, and any other events and takes all bookings, compiles a database, collects monies and confirms receipts.

She assists in preparation of New Practitioners’ and Pupils’ Advocacy Training Courses, Vulnerable Witness Training Courses, and RASSO Training Courses. She also circulates details of, and take bookings where necessary for, any other education courses.

She manages applications to join Circuit.

Upon receipt of copy bank statements from the Circuit Treasurer check all subscriptions paid/collected correctly, emailing defaulters, advising members when their subscription increases, or reminding them to cancel their standing order following being called to the Bench, retirement etc.

She assists with the election of a new Circuit Leader including by attending for the counting of the ballot papers and notifying Circuit of the successful candidate.