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Welcome to the Midland Circuit.

We have nearly 1000 barristers practising from over 100 set of Chambers. Our members practice in all areas of law and provide high quality advocacy and advice through all disciplines.

The Midland Circuit has had a chequered history; It was the Midland Circuit, then it became the Midland and Oxford Circuit, before reverting once again to the Midland Circuit. It covers an area from Lincoln in the east, to Hereford and Shrewsbury in the west, up to Stoke on Trent in the north, and down to Warwick in the south. There are Chambers all across the Circuit as well as in London. Because of our central position we attract and welcome barristers from all of the other Circuits.

In addition to the Midland Circuit, there are five other Circuits, all of which form the basis of administration for the Bar in England and Wales.

We continue to attract talented and industrious men and women who will uphold the high standards and fine traditions of this great Circuit.

As Circuit Leaders we are all very proud of our Circuits and each believe that we lead the best Circuit. The truth of course is that no one Circuit is better than another and in fact the Circuits are in many respects, collectively, the backbone of the Bar.

It has been a real privilege to work so closely with the other Circuit leaders, all of whom give unstintingly of their time in an effort to ensure that the lives and practices of all members of the Bar are improved.

I do not need to tell you that each Circuit has developed its own niche areas of practice and the Midland Circuit is very proud of specialist courts which are now well established outside of London, such as the Mercantile Court or the Administrative Court we have in Birmingham. These sit alongside the strong practices in the family, criminal and civil courts across the Circuit .

Mission Statement

The objectives and core values of the Midlands Circuit are as follows:
  • to promote and represent the professional interests of its members and of the legal profession as a whole;
  • to assist with consultation undertaken in connection with the law or the legal profession;
  • to provide professional education and training and assist with continuing professional development;
  • to promote and maintain the highest professional standards in the practice of law;
  • to promote a Circuit ethos and provide opportunities for social exchange involving its members and others concerned with the practice or administration of law;
  • to serve the public interest.


In the 12th Century, King Henry II introduced the practice of judges riding around a region of the country each year on pre-set paths – or circuits − to hear cases, rather than requiring citizens to bring them to London.

From 1293, there were four circuits and from 1328 there were six. By 1831, the Midland Circuit comprised: Northamptonshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Warwickshire; whilst the Oxford Circuit comprised: Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire. In 1972, the Midland Circuit and the Oxford Circuit were combined and became the Midland and Oxford Circuit.

The Midland Circuit has produced some of the finest advocates and judges over many years. In recent decades particularly notable circuiteers to rise to high judicial office have included Lady Justice Macur, Lord Justice Treacy, Lord Justice McFarlane, Lord Hughes of Ombersley, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Baron Judge, Lord Chief Justice.

Previous Circuit Officers

Many notable practitioners have lead the circuit over the years or given their time in official roles such as treasurer or junior.
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Previous Circuit Officers

Many notable practitioners have lead the circuit over the years or given their time in official roles such as treasurer or junior.


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