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Driving change and encouraging workplace equality within the sector.

Midland Circuit EDSM Committee. 

As part of a planned programme of change, Circuit is setting up an Equality, Diversity and Social Mobility Committee.  This EDSM Committee will advance the interests of all members of Circuit and ensure that those from backgrounds not perceived to be ‘typical’ at the Bar will feel welcomed, through being given guidance and support to help advance their careers and through their interests being recognised and advanced.  

Set up in October 2022, supporting the existing ED/SM initiatives on our Circuit, we aim to build a coherent structure that encompasses all protected characteristics, together with social mobility, to support and celebrate diversity on Circuit. The central focus of the structure will be a Midland Circuit EDSM Committee similar to the Bar Council’s.


  1. Developing and providing (to include signposting to external providers if appropriate) a balanced programme of E&D training and awareness-raising sessions for barristers and staff, with the aim of having 80% of barristers on Circuit complete at least a basic level of E&D training in the next 24 months;
  2. Setting up and running an annual programme of initiatives promoting social mobility and social diversity at the Midlands Bar (some of these are already in place)
  3. Running at least two events each year to promote well-being at the Bar;
  4. Undertaking research on the business impact of maintaining a diverse membership and staff profile in chambers;
  5. Planning and holding events on Circuit that celebrate the diverse races, religions and cultures represented by its members and staff at its chambers.
  6. Reviewing existing initiatives that support barristers on Circuit, and considering and implementing any further programmes that will enhance retention

Should you have any questions regarding our EDSM Committee, please email our Administrator:

Michelle Francis: