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MCWF Menopause Event

For the benefit of everyone, not just those who were able to join the event, we wanted to share some useful resources for you to read, share or file away for the future!

The Menopause Consortium – Jo Hobson’s organisation. She is available for 45-minute private consultations and 15-minute NHS consultations via a GP referral, in-person (Spire Nottingham) or virtually; and can provide training & HR guidance for chambers.  For 10% off the cost of an initial private appointment quote code TMC/MC10%

Their YouTube page has a number of bite-sized videos of Jo talking about different menopause-related issues, with her customary humour and frankness!

The Bar Council guidance & template policy

Wellbeing at the Bar menopause advice and resources

Menopause guidance for Judicial office holders – only available through judicial intranet login

Balance menopause app – symptom tracking & advice

Some bedtime reading – The Complete Guide to the Menopause

Menopause & the Bar — Chancery Bar Association (